Coca-Cola Controversy

Coca-Cola’s Superbowl commercial is making a lot of buzz and this is my reaction to the commercial. Before that, I want to let everyone know that this is a reaction from non-American who have lived in America for two years.

When I first watched 2014 Superbowl commercial from Coca-Cola, it reminded me of the last year’s Superbowl commercial from Coca-Cola. The 2013 commercial from Coca-Cola, which was called ‘It is Beautiful’, gave me general ideas about how Americans describe America. For example, Americans in the commercial said America is diverse; Different people come to United States and share their culture, food, languages. America has a lot of freedom; It does not matter what culture people came from, people are given a voice. The commercial also added the stories of people who had been struggling with being the person who they were because of their race, sexual orientation, and history (Native American, Arab American). Even though they had been struggling, they said many people are now supporting them and encouraging them to be themselves, After watching the commercial, I looked up the comments about it and more of them were very positive and people seemed to agree on what the it said.

I think Coca-Cola’s this year Superbowl commercial tried to give out the same message from the 2013 commercial. I thought it was very impressive when I listened to the American song in different languages because I thought it showed me how diverse America is and how respectful Americans are toward others who have different backgrounds, race, history, and so on. However, when I looked up some of the comments about this year ad, I realized that many people think what Coca-Cola did was very offensive to them.

Now I am confused by people’s reaction toward the Coca-Cola commercials because it seems to me that the two commercials have the same message, but in a different way. Did people change their perspectives toward others over a year? What do you guys think? (Coca-cola’s 2013 Superbowl commerical)